major changes between 6.50 and 7.00

  • Added support for C11, the most recent C standard (as of December 2011). See the help file for more information.
  • Added new command-line tool, POCERT, for creating and managing certificates.
  • Added new command-line tool, POH2INC, for converting C to assembler include files.
  • The assert macro should now interact better with the debugger.

  • Added optional Welcome page.
  • Added web browser, including limited support for HTML Help files (Contents and Index pages, but no Search page).
  • Added file difference utility, for comparing two sets of files.
  • Added new disassembler for the debugger.
  • Added possibility to include user-defined file type in ZIP-archives (for projects and workspaces).
  • Revised the general options dialog pages.
  • The file dependency scanner will now attempt to better handle dependencies on not-yet-built files, in the same project.
  • Many minor changes, fixes, and improvements.

  • Added support for the C11 standard, including optional multithreading and atomic functions.
  • Added option for selecting between the C11 and C99 standard.
  • Added about 150 intrinsic functions for AVX(1) on X64.
  • Added option for signed integer overflow trap.
  • Added option for Microsoft's hotpatching.
  • Added what might turn into full static code analysis later; no specific option, so enabled for now with /W2.
  • Added support for Microsoft special "charize operator" (#@) in the preprocessor.
  • Added new __declspec attributes; see the help file for more information.
  • Added support for matching include files by volume number and file index when available (for #pragma once).
  • More const data should now go into the .rdata section.
  • Many minor changes, fixes, and improvements.

Macro assembler:
  • Added instructions for AVX(1), AVX-AES, RDTSCP, RDRAND.
  • Minor revision and bugfix for PTR declarations.
  • Better error message in some situations.

Make utility:
  • Added many features to make it more compatible with Microsoft's NMAKE. See the help file for more information.

Dump utility:
  • Added dump of private key files (.PVK).
  • Added new disassembler.

Install builder:
  • Added new statement, EnumRegValue.